Welcome to the Coterie! We are a community of couponers who are passionate about clipping coupons, saving money, enjoying the rewards of doing so, and sharing with others!

  • CLIPPING COUPONS – please click on the Coupons.com button in the right sidebar to access printable coupons and visit our Saving Center here.
  • SAVING MONEY – visit our DEALS tab here to see our recent deals/hauls at national stores that you can get too!
  • ENJOYING REWARDS – see pictures of our hauls, get information on joining our Coupon Parties, and visit our Community and connect with other couponers
  • SHARING WITH OTHERS – we coupon with PURPOSE! Not only do we effectively manage our grocery budgets and maintain a stockpile (this is NOT a dirty word!) for our families, but we also partner with non-profit organizations and share items that we have couponed. Click here to visit our Sharing page.


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